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Why Archery in the City Will Help You Be a Better Archer and Shoot More Accurately

Welcome to the Archery in the City, where we demonstrate Archery, hunting and fishing activities for those who have to go beyond their back door to enjoy nature. Growing up in the Ozarks, the opportunity to harvest wildlife for food and increase outdoor skills meant walking past the neighbors house to have that clear shot. My archery range was always setup with markers at 10 and 30 yards… I miss that range!

Archery Accomplishments

Mike is an active bow hunter, target archer, USA Archery Judge and Level 2 Coach who enjoys working with all ages of Archers.

Writing Accomplishments

In everyday life as an IT Domain Manager for a top 20 U.S. Bank, Mike writes dozens of defining emails, policies and procedures on a weekly basis. His crowning writing achievement occurred while focusing on literary criticism whiles studying at the Universidad de Salamanca, Spain. A graduate level, twenty page expose on modern authors written entirely in Spanish. After the paper received the highest marks, he quickly determined any writing assignment in his native English to be much easier after the Spanish experience.

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