Last Shoot of 2016! at Archery Excellence

Last Shoot of 2016! at Archery Excellence’s New Years’ Eve 330 Round

Last Shoot of 2016! at Archery Excellence

The enjoyment of Archery doesn’t stop during the first snowfall.  With all the quality locations to shoot indoors today, my shooting buddies are always on the move for some 3 and 5 spot tournaments! Archery Excellence provides the perfect balance between competition, friendliness and fun in a nearby location. The Archery Excellence indoor archery range is one of the premier facilities in the Kansas City Metro area and enables hundreds of people to enjoy archery.

Competition at Archery Excellence?

Tournaments at the Archery Excellence facility offer lots of competition in a variety of divisions. Shooting divisions are very similar to the NFAA divisions. I float both ways on divisions. Being the Executive Secretary at the Kansas State Archery Association brings me to enjoy the differentiation between bowhunter and freestyle classes of compounds. While the competitor in me loves the USA Archery’s tiny 10 ring! Today’s competition, the last shoot of 2016, used the NFAA 3 spot target face and consisted of 10 ends scored from 11-1 (the X scores as 11).

My personal experiences with Archery Excellence

Last Shoot! of 2016 at Archery Excellence with a near perfect shot on targetAlways professional and curious to all archers, both youth and adult, makes for great atmosphere for archers to share their experiences and tricks of the trade. The range has more than adequate space between shooting lanes and with so many lanes open, there is rarely a need to go beyond a single shooting line. I achieved my personal best at the 330 format with a strong 289 and will continue to search out this tournament format. The lighting is the only challenging aspect of the facility… I find the lanes closer to the large front window easier to aim than those farther than the back lanes that seem a little dark to me and requiring a different clarifier to get proper focus when aiming.

Special Note about Indoor Archery Ranges

Friends, I worry that my “last shoot” of 2016 may be the last shoot I attend at Archery Excellence. Indoor archery ranges aren’t easy or cheap to keep up. Please, consider donating to keep the doors open to this great facility by going to their Go Fund Me page…
Tallying the scorecard from the last shoot

Michael Reynolds

Mike is an avid Archer who shoots in tournaments and coaching Prairie Fire Archers.

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