Instagram Archer of the Week: Courtnie Carr

Instagram Archer of the Week: Courtnie Carr

Archery in the City selected Courtnie Carr as our Instagram Archer of the Week. As part of the selection process Courtnie discussed her archery style and training habits. The amazingly, global sport of archery only gets better as social media allows all of us to connect across the world and support each other.

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  1. What’s your name, where are you from and where is your home range/club?
    My name is Courtnie Carr I’m from Frankfort, KY and I don’t have a home range. I learned to shoot from my dad and through the NASP program and now shoot for the University of the Cumberlands archery team.
  2. How did you start Archery and what styles of archery (recurve, compound, 3D, Target, Field, Hunting, traditional, etc) do you participate in?
    I began shooting archery with my dad when I was young but didn’t join a team until a NASP program was started in my school system my 6th grade year. I shot NASP from 6th-12th grade and knew I wanted continue shooing in college. I bought a Mathews Prestige from a friend and shot it for 4 days before shooting my first S3DA tournament. Now that I shoot compound archery in college, I shoot 3D, indoor, and outdoor FITA competitions with my team and shoot ASA as well as local leagues through the summer.
  3. What kind of Archery is prevalent in your area?
    3D archery and hunting are prevalent in my area. That being said, I’m exposed to all types of archery including recurve and traditional through my collegiate team setting.
  4. What is your favorite archery memory?
    My favorite archery memory is from a few weeks ago when I travelled to Chula Vista, CA for outdoor collegiate nationals. Shooting at the Olympic Training Center was amazing and winning 2 gold medals and 1 bronze was the icing on the cake!
  5. Describe the biggest archery event you have attended? Did you shoot in it?
    The farthest I have travelled is Chula Vista, CA to the OTC for outdoor nationals. Which is nearly 2,000 miles from my hometown in Kentucky.
  6. Where is the farthest you have travelled to shoot archery?
    The farthest I have travelled is Chula Vista, CA to the OTC for outdoor nationals. Which is nearly 2,000 miles from my hometown in Kentucky.
  7. What archery training activities do you perform and how often?
    During the school year I practice every day with my team. From August to October we practice shooting 3D then from October to March we practice indoor and March to May is outdoor season. I have a plan of how many arrows I shoot each practice to make sure I’m prepared for every tournament I attend.
  8. How many arrows do you typically shoot in a week?
    During the school year the number of arrows I shoot varies on the season I’m training for 3D I shoot about 100 arrows a week while for indoor I shoot anywhere from 300-400 arrows a week and outdoor season I can shoot up to 360 arrows a week.
  9. What are your archery goals?
    My ultimate archery goal is to make a USA team and attend a World Cup event.
  10. There are a lot of great archers in the world. Which archer do you look up to as a role model and why?
    I look up to Sara Lopez, a compound shooter from Colombia, as my role model. She is an incredible shooter and is very humble in her winning. In this World Cup season she has won gold at every event and is currently ranked as the #1 compound female archer in the world.

Thanks, Courtnie Carr, for your words and motivation. We will keep following you and your archery career! – Mike

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