Instagram Archer of the Week: Svetlana Kuzmenkova

Instagram Archer of the Week: Svetlana Kuzmenkova

Archery in the City selected Svetlana Kuzmenkova as our Instagram Archer of the Week. As part of the selection process Svetlana was interviewed about her archery style and training habits. The amazingly, global sport of archery only gets better as social media allows all of us to connect across the world and support each other.

Svetlana Kuzmenkova's home town of Cheboksara, Russia

  1. What’s your name, where are you from and where is your home range/club?
    My name is Svetlana Kuzmenkova. I’m from Cheboksary, Russia.
  2. How did you start Archery and what styles of archery (recurve, compound, 3D, Target, Field, Hunting, traditional, etc) do you participate in?
    My coach came to my school so I started shooting from the classical Olympic bow.
  3. What kind of Archery is prevalent in your area? In my area prevalent classical Olympic and compound.
  4. What is your favorite archery memory? In my memory remains every workout and positive emotions received during her 😉
  5. Describe the biggest archery event you have attended? Did you shoot in it?
    The first and very important event happened in April. This is a competition was in Sochi.
  6. Where is the farthest you have travelled to shoot archery?
    I was in Sochi and Ufa, but this week I’m going to Moscow. And this summer I have a lot of trips in my Country 🙂
  7. What archery training activities do you perform and how often?
    Summers I have training every day and frequent competitions, but when the school year stats I shoot a bow 5 times a week and just go to competitions.
  8. How many arrows do you typically shoot in a week?
    Every week I shot a lot of arrows :))
  9. What are your archery goals?
    Today the main aim is to hit feasible in the national team of our country. For this we must take a serious prize at competitions
  10. There are a lot of great archers in the world. Which archer do you look up to as a role model and why?
    I often watch international competitions and I like a lot of archers. My trainer also trained athletes worthy of world level and I often watch their performances.

Thanks, Svetlana, for your words and motivation. We will keep following you and your archery career! – Mike

Svetlana Kuzmenkova Instagram Profile

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