Instagram Archer of the Week: Derek Fo Ming

Instagram Archer of the Week: Derek Fo Ming

Archery in the City selected Derek Fo Ming as our Instagram Archer of the Week. As part of the selection process Derek was interviewed about his archery style and training habits. The amazingly, global sport of archery only gets better as social media allows all of us to connect across the world and support each other.

My name is Derek Fo Ming. I’m from Malaysia. My home range is at Sarawak Stadium Perpaduan. I started archery when I got into middle school and join ed the school’s archery club. I shoot the recurve bow. In my area, most of the archers are most likely to shoot compound and recurve.

Derek Fo Ming home archery range

My favorite archery moment is when I got second runner up in the 4th Melaka Indoor Archery Championship in the men team event. The biggest archery event I’ve ever attended is the 4th Melaka Indoor Archery Championship and shot quite well. The farthest I have travel is to Melaka. I train 6 days a week with the Sarawak assistant coach to help me find my form. In a week, I usually shoot 600 arrow approximate. My goal is to qualify for the Youth Olympic games. Among all of the great archers in the world, I took Brady Ellison as my role model. He is just amazing.
That’s all the question, I guess. Thanks for the interview. 🙂

Thanks for your words and motivation. We will keep following you and your archery career! – Mike

Derek Fo Ming Instagram Profile

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