Top 10 Archers on Instagram in 2016

Top 10 Archers on Instagram

Archers on Instagram are an interesting lot. Some focus on their vocation while others provide insight into their daily lives through a quick photo on their timeline. Archery in the City’s top Instagram archer rankings is based on who we follow and how impactful they are in our minds.

10. Reo Wilde on Instagram

Reo is laser focused on Archery in his posts on Instagram. Reo may be on top of the compound archer world though he comes in #10 due to a low volume of posts.

9. Dave Cousins

Dave posts frequently and ranges from the most intense archery moments in target archery & bow hunting to personal glimpses of every day life. Following Dave is pleasure and his insights are enjoyable.

Best use of a blue and white 5 spot!

A photo posted by Dave Cousins (@davecousinsarchery) on

8. Collin Klimitchek

Collin ranks in at #8 on our list due to one hilarious photo. His low amount of followers and few posts hinder him from moving up on the listing.

Metal training day! The cat ears read your level of attention. #trainhard #stayfocused #mindpowers

A photo posted by Collin Klimitchek (@collinklimitchek) on

7. Braden Gellenthein

Braden is a class act on Instagram and shows is followers his top target archery moments and his hunting experiences. As Braden contributes more posts his followers will grow exponentially in addition to his moving up on our list.

6. Chance Bowbouef

Chance posts his target archery and hunting trips well on his Instagram page. What he shares best is his family life in all his sporting events. This brings a genuineness that other archers on Instagram have yet to replicate.

Getting Nov started right!! #bestfriend #girlsthathunt #TOG #ELITE #slicktrickbroadheads #bbd

A photo posted by Chance Beaubouef (@bowbouef) on

5. Brady Ellison

Brady posts the most meaningful events in his life and with a huge, 10K following, Brady is definitely an archer that you can’t afford to not follow.

End to an awesome weekend with my amazing woman @tojacerne. So thankful for everything in my life.

A photo posted by Brady Ellison (@bradyellison) on

4. Jake Kaminski

Jake sets himself apart from other archers both on the field and on Instagram. He’s the complete package with lots of videos, archery photos and exhibits a fun side that few can resist.

3. Emily Bee

Emily is fun to follow and will make you laugh out loud. She’s a frequent poster and draws numerous followers through her antics. Her great use of social media will surely expand and it’s quite possible her rank will move to the top of our list in the near feature.

3.12.16 I'm making a video for the YouTube. Get ready.

A photo posted by Emily Bee (@emilybeearchery) on

2. Jesse Broadwater

Jesse‘s Instagram account is approaching 10K followers and has a lot of potential to push the Archery sport farther than many others. Jesse mixes family life and his archery friends well in his photostream. Jesse is fun to follow and during major events he provides a lot of behind the scenes fun for all to view.

1. Khatuna Lorig

Khatuna is an ultra frequent poster and her dramatic rise to Olympic team fame drives her to the #1 spot on our list. Her exposure in both commercials, ESPN magazines and the Hunger Games movie coach drives a lot of followers to her page. Her success at the olympics will continue to drive her popularity. Her continual drive to excel in all activities has the potential to drive Khatuna into stardom.

A photo posted by Khatuna Lorig (@khatunalorig) on

Agree or Disagree?

Do you agree or disagree with our rankings? Sound off in the comments below and we may be swayed to change our rankings… we may not, but at the end of 2016 they will be frozen forever.

Michael Reynolds

Mike is an avid Archer who shoots in tournaments and coaching Prairie Fire Archers.

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    Chris Bee – 6992 followers on Instagram

  • June 14, 2016 at 7:03 am

    If you run a blog, eventually you will be trolled. After several messages involving racial and gender slurs about my top choice of Instagram archers, I removed the negativity from the comments, though I’m sure some of you saw the ugliness. To combat this, please, make a comment on the blog about one of the archers you like in order to support our sport!


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