Archery Weekend: Indoor 5 Spot and Outdoor 3D

Archery Weekend: Indoor 5 Spot and Outdoor 3D

In my household weekends mean Archery. And shooting two different tournaments on the same weekend makes for a challenging weekend, especially when they call for different set ups. I didn’t shoot two different setups, no matter how much the situation called for the different equipment! Nothing like staying up late the night before and sticking points in your arrows.

Archery Excellence Indoor 5 Spot

Today, my archery confidence ticked up in shooting a hinge release, the Scott Archery BackSpin Release, in a 60 arrow, indoor tournament. The amount of time I invested on the Genesis was significant as I borrower my son’s bow and shot after he went to bed for as much as 50 arrows for the month before the tournament. This year, was also, new bow year and my Hoyt Podium X 37 debuted at this event. Overall for the amount of change I introduced into this event I was rewarded with the confidence I need to go into my next events knowing I can hold up to the challenge of shooting more arrows than just practice arrows.

Great facility!! 34 shooting lanes makes this place primo! #archery #NFAA #5spot

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Target & Equipment Details:

  • Equipment: Hoyt Podium X 37
  • Arrows: Easton Lightspeed arrows with Bohning X vanes
  • Target: NFAA 5 Spot
  • Distance: 20 yards
  • Location: Archery Excellence, Independence, Missouri

Tri-County Rod & Gun Club Archery 3D Shoot

Two Archers at Tri-County Gun & Rod Club in Linwood, Kansas for an Archery Weekend

Well placed targets and fluctuating shadows ensured a challenging course at the scenic Tri-County Rod & Gun Club archery range in Linwood, Kansas. 3D archery tournaments are like a semi-challenging, country side hike, except you carry a bow and stop and shoot arrows every so often. This leisurely hiking is what continues to draw me into 3D archery even though my stance estimation leaves a lot to be desired. The course, according to my Fitbit, was exactly 5,349 steps, or a little over 2 miles. During the summer months, Tri-County offers a monthly 3D archery shoot with a friendly level of competition, while keeping the groups small, quick-moving and friendly. It’s obvious that the range is designed with safety as a priority and at no time did I ever witness any concerns.

Score cards from 3D Archery tournamentNow, you remember me alluding to my estimation skills not being up to par? Here’s the scorecards from my group… and yes, that is clearly my son winning. The three misses are hard to swallow, though I will take my licks and do a lot more distance estimating in the near future. I definitely need to enlist Coach Daryle from Prairie Fire Archers as he is the go to man for 3D and was present at the shoot, too.

Target & Equipment Details:

Nothing clears a troubled mind better than shooting a bow. –Fred Bear

Michael Reynolds

Mike is an avid Archer who shoots in tournaments and coaching Prairie Fire Archers.

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