Archery Practice Exercise – Grip Strengthening

Archery Practice Exercise – Grip Strengthening

Grip Strengthening is often an overlooked aspect of many sports. Baseball, Softball, Football and a variety of other sport’s athletes including Archery can benefit from maximizing grip strength. I struggle with this component of training as my hand strength is relatively week as I’m finding out through increased tendonitis in my bow arm. Tennis elbow, lateral epicondylitis to be more precise, only affects a few archers, but is most prevalent as elbow pain in the bow arm. Many exercises can help alleviate the pain, though a 6-8 week hiatus from shooting is a very likely treatment combined with physical therapy and cortizone treatments.

Benefits of Grip Strengthening

Elbow pain in archery is not something to work through. Instead special care and medical attention should be followed. In order to prevent long term effects of repetitive actions, cross training is frequently recommended. In the case of tendonitis in the bow arm the build up of wrist and forearm muscle structure will frequently relieve the pressure created from holding a bow on the elbow. The great news about grip strength is that the exercises can frequently be done off range and while doing other activities.

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Michael Reynolds

Mike is an avid Archer who shoots in tournaments and coaching Prairie Fire Archers.

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