2016 January 15th Tri-County Indoor Vegas 450 Archery Tournament

2016 January 15th Tri-County Indoor Vegas 450 Archery Tournament

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Shooting Indoor Vegas 450 Archery Tournaments require training, endurance and concentration. And for many archers this tournament format is a little longer than they will shoot in other competitions, so use this as a good training event for shorter Vegas 300 tournaments. The scoring at Tri-County is typical of what most archery tournament goers expect, each arrow is scored from 6 to 10 points on the three spot target with archers able to select a single larger target with scoring opportunities from 1 to 10. Anything touching the inner gold circle will be counted as an X, 10 points plus a tie-breaker mark. The scorecard will be divided into 3 games of 5 ends with each end comprised of 3 arrows. After the 7th end there is a target switch and if you were shooting on the top you are required to move your target to the bottom and vice versa. All these ends and arrows sum up to a maximum of 450 point and a perfect tournament would also have a 45 X count. If all this sounds confusing, no worries, the tournament management and fellow archers are very sympathetic to new archers and will walk you through each step of the way.

Tournament Results

Dylan Reynolds watching an archer at Tri County

This go around I helped out with on-site archer registration and shot the tournament. This was low stress for me and enabled me meet quite a few new archers from around the area. One of the drivers for the low stress was the utilization of the ArcheryEvents.com web site for registration and bale assignment. My results weren’t my best round though I was only off by 3 points. The great news was my son, Dylan, shot his personal best and was very pleased to take 2nd place in his age and class division. Archery is a sport of mental strength and the ability to repeat results is the ultimate prize. I find great joy in watching other archers grow in their ability and take great pride in my son’s growth in the sport. That growth can be attributed the Prairie Fire Archers Club and the wonderful coaches who volunteer their time to the sport.

Archery Quote and Food for Thought

Score every round you shoot, it shows our commitment to the sport. And don’t just start when you finally shoot a good first round. Doing so, cheats you out of the knowledge of your true ability.

“When you can measure what you are speaking about, and express it in numbers, you know something about it; but when you cannot measure it, when you cannot express it in numbers, your knowledge is of a meagre and unsatisfactory kind.”
– Lord Kelvin (Sir William Thomson)

Target & Equipment Details of the Youth Shooter:

  • Equipment: Hoyt Freestyle
  • Target: NFAA 3 Spot
  • Distance: 20 yards
  • Location: Linwood, Kansas at the Tri-County Gun and Rod Indoor Facility

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Michael Reynolds

Mike is an avid Archer who shoots in tournaments and coaching Prairie Fire Archers.

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