2016 Iowa Pro-Am Archery Tournament

2016 Iowa Pro-Am Archery Tournament

2016 Iowa Pro-Am Archery Tournament Dylan with Coach Daryl

They said it was crazy to have an Archery tournament in Des Moines, Iowa in the middle of winter. They were right… it was CRAZY FUN! This is the first tournament of 2016 for this Archery in the City fan. The perfect time to take out that new bow, quiver or arrows you got for Christmas and shoot for the gold. Now, I’m not a big proponent of changing anything before a major tournament on your bow set up, except who are we kidding. If you got something new over Christmas, you are more than likely going to use at the next available archery event. Even the best archers do it, and my youth archer fell into the trap. His Christmas gift was a new Hoyt Freestyle bow from our favorite Archery shop, Overton’s in Lawrence, Kansas. He practiced faithfully and got his arrow count up to the new, heavier draw weight, though his accuracy left a lot to be desired before the tournament. A first day meltdown in practice (shooting above the range and feeling terrible about it) obliterated any confidence that was growing the new bow, resulting in a traumatic score that will never be written about. This is where Coach Daryl Urban stepped in from Prairie Fire Archers and took Dylan to the practice range and talked him through the shot process and built him back up. That was enough to get him started, though he needed something just a little more to get his game on. AJ Hinnen provided that extra boost of much needed confidence by spending his time showing Dylan the ins and outs of hinge releases and loaning his very first release to Dylan for the next day’s shoot. Did I mention how awesome archer’s are?

Archery Quote and Food for Thought

Mike Reynolds at the 2016 Iowa Pro-Am Archery Tournament

Managing your emotions and being able to pull yourself out of an emotional funk is a great still to possess in both Archery and everyday life. Tournaments provide the opportunity for you to set aside your ego, get past your pride and focus on shot execution.

“Famous archer, Howard Hill won all of the 267 archery contests he entered. He could hit a bullseye at 50 feet, then split first arrow with the second. Would it be possible for you to shoot better than him? YES, if he were blindfolded! How can you hit a target you can’t see? Even worse, how can you hit a target you don’t even have!? You need to have GOALS in your life!”
~ Zig Ziglar

Target & Equipment Details of the Youth Shooter:

  • Equipment: Hoyt Freestyle
  • Target: NFAA 3 and 5 Spot
  • Distance: 20 yards
  • Location: Des Moines, Iowa at the Hyvee Hall

Michael Reynolds

Mike is an avid Archer who shoots in tournaments and coaching Prairie Fire Archers.

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