Kansas City Shoot-Out Pro-Am 2015 Indoor Archery Tournament

Kansas City Shoot-Out Pro-Am 2015 Indoor Archery Tournament

2015 KC Shoot Out Pro Am Crowd Panarama

In a 24-hour span in December, at the large KC Expo Center, archers shot over a 100 arrows to determine who would prevail as champions in the Kansas City Shoot-Out Pro-Am 2015 Indoor Archery Tournament. In that short span of time I met and shot on the same bale with first USA National Team Member, Brooke Miller and a professional archer, Sam Wolthuis who shot lights out on both the Vegas and 5-spot targets. My nerves started to affect my game as I remember the thought of, “what happens if I bump one these edit e archers and cause them to miss?” It was a surreal dream version of myself on the line with people I watch online and read about… I kept trying to shake myself out of the awe as I kept saying to myself, “solid feet, solid shot, you got this.” The scoring format was different than shooting in other NFAA leagues and FITA tournaments, so the benefit’s to shooting in this tournament were immense to competing in upcoming events.

Results of the Kansas City Shoot-Out Pro-Am 2015 Indoor Archery Tournament

Michael Reynolds Placement in the 2015 KC Shoot-out Pro-Am indoor archery tournament

Shooting in the Senior Freestyle class is challenging due to significant amount of archers in the class. It’s always the largest class and with 33 shooters this year was no exception. With less than a years’ experience shooting target archery, I have a lot of results near the bottom of the roster and am thrilled with my thirty out of thirty-three finish with so many quality archers on the line. This year I may not experience the feeling of sitting on top of the world with a come from behind win like Holly Holm, though I have grown in my knowledge of Archery and gained some valuable competition experience. Next year, will be my year to excel at target archery and improve in the indoor archery tournament scene.

Michael Reynolds

Mike is an avid Archer who shoots in tournaments and coaching Prairie Fire Archers.

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