Announcing Archery Focus Magazine Affiliation

Announcing Archery Focus Magazine Affiliation

I am a child like in my pursuit on Archery knowledge as I take in as much information as I can find. On of my favorite digital-only resources is the bi-monthly Archery Focus Magazine. So much so that I decided to enroll in their affiliate program to help them solicit subscribers. The articles are well written by a variety of authors and the editor is a very well known archery coach, Steve Ruis. Please, join me in learning from Steve and his team of authors by clicking below and subscribing to Archery Focus Magazine.

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Full Disclosure: Archery in the City promotes Archery Focus Magazine because the high-quality information in the articles drives better coaching and Archery skills at all levels of competency. Archery in the City does receive compensation for each subscription sold of Archery Focus Magazine and is one of the income streams that keeps this site running. There are very few choices you can make that support two great institutions and buying a subscription does both. Thank you for your support.

Michael Reynolds

Mike is an avid Archer who shoots in tournaments and coaching Prairie Fire Archers.

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