Hoyt Ultra Elite Target Bow

Hoyt Ultra Elite Target Bow

Hoyt Ultra Elite

My first target bow was purchased second hand at KC Performance Archery in Olathe, Kansas, a suburb of Kansas City, Missouri. Having little to no clue on what I was really looking for or needed in a target bow, I was glad that the bow was a shoot through design, was a 27 1/2″ draw and rigged for 60# draw weight. I shot about half a dozen arrows through the bow and had a few rusty bolts switched out before I took her home!

What upgrades did I acquire first and why?

An IconX sight from Sure Loc was my first acquisition, knowing that I will keep the sight and move onto any future bows. The next upgrade was the stabilizer situation. Using a front and a side stabilizer to balance out the bow was the next purchase. Dampening issues quickly became the next cause as this bow is not only heavy when compared to modern day bows, but it is a nail driver with lots of recoil. The only outstanding issue is the trophy taker drop down rest that I would like to replace with a more current target rest.

Why, yes, my Hoyt Ultra Elite does have a name…

My father had a thing about naming each of his cars, I never knew why thought here was something cool about the fact he cared enough about a car to actually name it. I do carry the family tradition on naming inanimate objects, though I do not carry the tradition to my bows. The Hoyt Ultra Elite is named Ole Bess in honor of my great grandma and her ability to shoot straight by telling it like it is, just like my Hoyt Ultra shoots.


Below is a link to the manufacturer’s web site with manuals to help with any adjustments.

Hoyt Product Guide

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Mike is an avid Archer who shoots in tournaments and coaching Prairie Fire Archers.

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