Practice, Practice and more Practice, at any Distance

Practice, Practice and more Practice, at any Distance

Archery practice in many neighborhoods and municipalities is definitely frowned upon and in some cases will get you a visit from the local police department. One of the many challenges in the City is to maintain a practice schedule in a cost efficient way and doing so safely. In many Archery households there is a grand debate on whether or not you should shoot inside the house and what is the safest way to do so. Ultimately, the choice is up to each household, though I am very supportive of shooting a close enough distance to minimize any potential target misses and to prevent bystander injury.

Safety First

Shooting near doors and windows is a recipe for disaster. An inner door to a house will easily be penetrated by a modern compound bow and a window will soon be broken sending an arrow towards whatever is behind said window. My preferred location is the basement. In many houses there is only one entrance to the basement and I would recommend shooting near the entrance to prevent anyone accidental walk ins. I typically shoot less than 10 yards and more often only 3 to 4 yards in this scenario.

Benefits of Practice

Close range practice on blank bales allows for concentration on form instead of scores. Being able to shoot just a little on most nights and allowing the rest of the family some practice time increases our league scores and overall makes us all better archers. I have yet to do “blind” bales in the basement, due to my primary concern of having to patch dry wall from any mistakes.

What can you learn from Practice, Practice and more Practice, at any Distance

  • Archers need to shoot, even at short distances!
  • Safety first when shooting indoors… watch windows doors and walkways
  • Gain your family’s support before shooting!

When in Doubt…

Keep Calm and Love Archery from Archery in the City

Michael Reynolds

Mike is an avid Archer who shoots in tournaments and coaching Prairie Fire Archers.

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