Enhancing Archery Programs through Grants

Enhancing Archery Programs through Grants

Youth Archers scoring arrows in an Archery Tournament

I am not a grant writer. Though I am a good researcher and sharer of ideas and internet content. And within the United States there is a revived interest in Archery, so as teams start to move indoors due to cold and limited lighting the need to find a facility to shoot in often requires fund raising and grant writing to accomplish the goal of spreading the Olympic sport of Archery. As I pull together links for potential supporters of Archery sharing links only seems appropriate to further the cause for all archers. Updates to this list may occur in the future and are dependent upon the continued support of visitors and the amount of engagement we receive through viewing and clicking on links. If you find a resource we should add to the list, please, leave a comment to this article.

Grant List

Ann Hoyt / Jim Easton JOAD Grant Application
Up to $2,000 request funds for ´┐╝items such as target butts, stands, archery equipment, general supplies, and coaching certifications.
Easton Archery Facility Grants
Varying percentages to projects to help with the development of Archery related facilities
FinishLine Programmatic Grant
Provides up to $5,000 to organizations that provide opportunities for kids to participate in community-based youth athletic programs and camps that emphasize active lifestyles, especially programs that serve disadvantaged and special needs kids.
Good Sports
Unspecified amount for Equipment, Apparel and Shoe grants.
Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Trails
A variety of grants mostly focused on conservation and not archery specific.

Michael Reynolds

Mike is an avid Archer who shoots in tournaments and coaching Prairie Fire Archers.

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