Punching the Trigger Release

Punching the Trigger Release in Archery

The YouTube video above illustrates the issue very well with a thumb triggered release, though I find archers using wrist type releases have a tendency to punch more frequently and with more force. Punching the trigger on a release is a common problem with a difficult solution. Usually, punching is systematic and occurs over a long period of time, resulting in a really bad habit that must be broken through repetition of the correct action. The starting point to fix punching is to put down the bow and practice a string bow. While breaking the bad habit of the trigger release punch will be difficult, one idea is to switch releases before string bow training starts. A new release that is slightly different is preferred, though the key is to practice shooting the release without the distraction of a peep, sight or target and to get used to the correction action of using your release. With your bow string focus on slow, consistent pressure to activate the release. The ideal release will require very little movement from your fingers. You will need to practice this for many weeks and throughout your archery career to maintain a consistent squeeze. Move to using your bow when you have confidence the conditioning of the string bow can be applied every shot. Advancing too quickly may result the need to start completely over with only a string bow.

Adjust the Trigger Release

Scott Wall explains how releases need to be adjusted to the shooter and require adjustments out of the box to be effective. Worth the two minute watch.

Which Release Do I Use?

If you are curious, I wrote about my TRU Fire Edge 4 Finger Release I use awhile back: http://outdoorsmaninsuburbia.com/tru-fire-edge-4-finger-release/

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Mike is an avid Archer who shoots in tournaments and coaching Prairie Fire Archers.

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