One Week Away from Vegas 450 Round Success

2015 Tri-County Vegas 450 League

One Week Away from Vegas 450 Round Success

40cm Vegas 3 spot target

From an archery coach perspective the biggest investment I could make in an individual was the effort spent on coaching my son. Not only do I take great pride in his accomplishments there is a certain stigma for a coach when the person you spend the most with does not perform up to his or her potential. In this case we had hit a plateau in early March through June and then suddenly sank into a deep pit from both a score and form perspective. One day we were hitting red and gold and the next day struggled to hit the target. I hoped and prayed this the errant ways were just a day, only it wasn’t. The struggling lasted for 5 months… that’s right for 5 months! Not only were there constant equipment changes and tweaks during this time, much to my chagrin, but also, a complete regression on form. So much so that shots were not being anchored, feet were being shuffled after the arrow was drawn and the grip hand was constantly shifting during the shot process. Frustration for the archer was high in his practice, league and tournaments and I was concerned we would not be shooting in a few short months.

Introducing Prairie Fire Archers

PrairieFireArchers2015 10

Literally, everything we tried seemed to only cause scores to dip and arrows to be lost. And then I saw the Facebook page of Prairie Fire Archers. My mind was instantly at ease after meeting Joanna and Kerry Heidebrecht and seeing how well they interacted with their team members. Joanna offers a lot of practical advice, drills and most important, her encouragement of every archer to reach their full potential is genuine one can’t help but improve. Kerry provides the structure to the meets by serving as range master, line judge, tournament director and bow tuner extraordinaire. These two coaches provided the core values to getting my son back on track, though they weren’t the only ones. Many people at Tri-County Rod and Gun Club in Linwood, Kansas offered similar advice, especially the league director, Nate Klein. Nate was the first to suggest a No-Fire release and after the urging of other coaches we finally made the purchase. Within a week of doing 20 daily, let downs we had the anchor point back and another week had slowed his shot down enough to properly aim and sight his bow accurately.

The Bottom Line Results

Vegas 450 20151030 Dylan

My son has renewed his interest in archery and Prairie Fire Archers has provided him with an environment to succeed not only in Archery, but in life as he has met and developed a friendship with a great group of supportive friends. Tri-County provides the necessary league environment to help measure our progress and the adult mentorship which we both respect and have grown our skill set within. Some of you will be encourage to know my son’s scores, though I hesitated to initially reveal them. He started out the Vegas 450 Round league with an average between 80-90 and last week we had a small breakthrough to 125. This week we had a major breakthrough and ended up with Dylan punching out with a 253, his highest indoor score to date.

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Michael Reynolds

Mike is an avid Archer who shoots in tournaments and coaching Prairie Fire Archers.

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