Prairie Fire Archers – LEFT FOR DEAD Fun Shoot

Prairie Fire Archers – LEFT FOR DEAD Fun Shoot

Prairie Fire Archers is an archery club shooting at Powder Creek in Lenexa, Kansas. This last weekend we organized a fun shoot complete with costume contest to finish off the outdoor target Archery season. Plenty of archers dressed up to shoot a 40 arrow FITA round combined with another 40 round animal round. After we completed we had a special shoot off sponsored by Bass Pro. For the Youth there was a 50 yard shoot off that whoever was closest to the center of target took home the target. The adults had the same challenge at 80 yards and was the cause of several lost arrows.

The “Undead” FITA Line

Archery Tournament Left For Dead 2015

The Adult group on the Line

Left For Dead 2015 Group

The Animal Shoot

Left For Dead 2015 Field Shot

Left for Dead Fun Shoot Results

The top 3 places were awarded in the various classes and age groups, though the score wasn’t emphasized as much as the fun part of the tournament, which is exactly the way I prefer archery to be. I wasn’t very stringent in my preparation for the tournament, as one might think after reading my post on preparing for a tournament. I decided to break out my hunting bow and shoot, my only issue in doing so was minor…I hadn’t sighted/marked any pins on a brand new (to me) Viper sight.

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