Pheasants Forever! Women and Youth Hunt

Pheasants Forever! Women and Youth Hunt

Pheasants Forever! Women and Youth Hunt

Many organizations promise to engage our youth in fun and exciting activities, and the Pheasants Forever organization of Johnson County delivers on that promise. My son has attended the event twice and each time has significantly improved his hunting ability and walks away more excited each time. I want to give my personal thanks to all the men and women who made the Johnson County Pheasants Forever hunt at Eckman Hunting Preserve possible. They not only did an outstanding job ensuring each attendee had a great time, but they did so in a manner that keeps the hunting tradition alive, even in the suburbs of Kansas City.

Pheasants were introduced to Kansas in the spring of 1906, when 3,000 birds were released in 84 counties.

Training before the Hunt

Starting with some warm up clays is the perfect way to prepare for a shooting instruction class. For about 1/2 hour my youth was able to practice shooting clays before a more formal class was held. The class involved one on one instruction and practical guidance, such as forming a line and learning to shoot as a hunting group. This was invaluable to the success our group had in downing four out of six pheasant.

The season was closed from 1921 to 1931 to allow pheasants to build their population.

The Hunt

The best part of going to the Eckman Hunting Preserve is the actual hunt. Interacting with the dogs before the hunt creates an immediate bond that really seals the deal of a great event. The video below is the best moment from the hunt.


Hunters took a record 1,565,000 pheasants in 1982. Hunter numbers also reached a peak, 195,600.

Pheasants Forever Hunting Results

The Results (on the Grill)

Wild game on the grill is a satisfying feeling for any hunter, man or woman, but the feeling of being able to provide for your family when you are a teenager is especially satisfying. I’m proud of my young man and his ability to put meat on the table.

Pheasant on the Grill


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