Thermacell Review

Thermacell Review


Mosquito bites are no fun! Man has been perfecting mosquito repellant for at least 100 years and finally this man has found something that works. The Thermacell is one of the most effective repellants I have ever used, which is fantastic as the end result of an evening should never involve spending the next day itching. The Thermacell accomplishes this by emitting allethrin stored on a small blue patch which is heated by small butane cartridges. The heated allethtrin causes a small area about 15 x 15 feet to be free from mosquitos. Personally, I have found that using the Thermacell during Field Archery competitions to be very effective. Typical 4 shots by 4 archers is just enough time for the allethrin to drive off small flies and mosquitos… any tournament moving faster will probably not allow the Thermacell to be very effective. Camping and fishing adventures are also ideal for the thermacell where participants will be somewhat stationary and not constantly on the move.

Couple of quick pointers to prolong the the effectiveness of your Thermacell. First, don’t forget to turn it off! The butane only flows when the device is switched to the on position. Second, if the blue patch isn’t white, then leave it in until the next use. The patch has to be heated in order to be used. Thermal is about 95-98% effective and when combined with other mosquito repellants I receive almost 0 bites. Furthermore, when I forget my Thermacell and get a bite, I’m always kicking myself for my lack of planning!

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2 thoughts on “Thermacell Review

  • September 27, 2015 at 9:11 pm

    I 100% agree. We have used these for several years now hunting and they are an absolute game changer.

    • September 27, 2015 at 9:35 pm

      I admit I doubted they would work well… Then I went to an NFAA tournament in the woods of Wichita a and saw several in use. I was so envious!!


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