Indoor 3D Tournaments on Rainy Days

Indoor 3D Tournaments on Rainy Days

Indoor 3D Tournament at Archery Excellence

Long weekends were made for Archery tournaments. Yes, that’s right, plural! We shot in two tournaments this Labor Day Weekend. The first was at the Tri-County Rod and Gun Club on a bright and sunny day. We walked over 4,000 steps according to my Fitbit to shoot 30 targets. Finding a second tournament that would not be in pouring rain seemed to be a Herculean task. Being a club shoot we decided to guess yardage and then use the range finder to confirm. From a practical standpoint a miss on a 3D target at Tri-County typically results in a lost arrow, so anything to help in shooting more accurately we’ll do as this was just our second 3D tournament ever.

Indoor 3D tournaments SOLVE problems

Indoor 3D results

An Indoor 3D tournament solves both of our problems. Not only would we stay comfortably dry, losing an arrow would be much harder. And thanks to Archery Excellence Indoor Archery for providing the perfect solution to our problem on Monday, September 7, 2015. The great staff at the Archery Excellence Indoor Archery Range provided a nice venue, good trophies and an excellent cause. We shot to help others and there’s nothing like shooting to help out a fellow archer as we raised over $700 over the course of the shoot. I shot OK with a 273 over 30 targets and was able to shoot with my son, so we had smiles all around. Of course, we’ll be participating in more tournaments at this gem of a facility.

For Archers not Against

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