Archery Failures? Inspiration is your Answer!

Archery Failures? Inspiration is your Answer!

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Many archers who fail to live up to their own goals and aspirations are searching for the magic formula, that one piece of gear or bit of advice that will transform their archery career. The truth is they may never find what they are desperately seeking. The reason? They continue to look outward, when the answer is within.

Archery is a growing sport and many archers, such as Khatuna Lorig, Brady Ellison and so many more, are creating amazing success stories. Even when funds are short and there are no sponsors, they are still securing wins in the sport they love. How are they doing it? They are inspired.

Inspiration is an overwhelming force inside each of us. Inspiration lights you up and grants you more power and commitment than you ever expected. Think about a time in a tournament when you were excited and energized as everything was going your way. Every shot hit the center X. Can you imagine being able to apply that feeling in every arrow you shoot today?

What Will You Do Different When You Are Inspired?

1. You will take the shot that you have been afraid to take.

You will find yourself signing up for events and tournaments that you wouldn’t ordinarily consider. You will be excited to attend and have conversations with other people to excite them, too. You will be able to articulate what you want and be both stunned and amazed as the Archers around you extend a hand to help you and your cause. Feedback won’t be a feared as personal criticism, instead you will grow from knowing that change is necessary for improvement.

2. You Will Meet The People You’ve Been Afraid To Meet!

You circle of friends will increase and you will network with people you normally stay away from. You will describe what you want persuasively, and other Archers will understand your need and guide you to someone who will assist you. You will learn to enjoy yourself in tense situations and be comfortable in environments where you know no one. People will want to meet you and understand your goals and aspirations, and your enthusiasm will be the catalyst to build impressionable, lasting relationships. Soon. the people you idolize will be next to you on the shooting line and you will be their biggest competitor.

3. You Will Start the Conversations You Were Never Able Get Off the Ground.

When you are inspired, you will speak to your growing network of friends and ask them the questions you were afraid to ask before. Fear that your questions weren’t good enough held you back. You will ask for advice to move forward and accomplish your goals. In fact, you will feel guilt at not asking sooner and will apologize for not asking for support sooner. You will publicly recognize them for their support and will tell them why their contribution to your cause was life changing. They will appreciate your genuine caring and provide what you are looking for to succeed, not only in your Archery skills, but your life.

4. You Will Conquer Self-Doubt

And your arrows will fly straighter and truer.

There will be no more second guessing immediately before the shot and head shaking after the shot. Your confidence to execute the perfect shot sequence will be complete and you will not worry about missing a step. How do you become inspired? In short, you will be inspired because your past disappointments will be left behind as you plan for the road to success. Fear about your next shot not hitting the target will no longer cross your mind as you recognize your scores will only improve when you allow them to improve. Your inspiration will cause you to write a plan for improvement and take action on the plan as you review it daily.

Standing on the podium won’t just apply to other people. It will happen to you!

Michael Reynolds is a USA Archery Certified Level II Coach who works with Prairie Fire Archery group based in Lenexa, Kansas. Mike enjoys hunting, fishing, watching Fastpitch Softball and participating in Archery tournaments with his family.

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One thought on “Archery Failures? Inspiration is your Answer!

  • September 10, 2015 at 9:35 am

    I’ve seen my share of successes and failures. You are right on track with your comments about becoming inspired. This post applies to so much more than just Archery.


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