Tri-County Rod & Gun 3-D Club Shoot

Tri-County Rod & Gun 3-D Club Shoot

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Some shoots are more difficult than others and the Tri-County Rod & Gun 3-D Club Shoot is no exception. For example, I remember the Kansas State Archery Association (KSAA) Field Archery being windy on one side of the hill and the down pour of rain being so strong as to see a vapor trail as the arrows shot through the water drops. I will always remember that shoot to be one of the most challenging tournaments I have ever participated. Now, back to the Tri-County Rod & Gun 3-D Club Shoot. This tournament being a 3-D tournament had distinct angles on various targets for a challenging course, though what made this course more difficult was the lighting. Three targets had sunlight on both my scope & peep while the target was obscured by shadows. Continually, focusing both eyes on the target offset the darkness of the peep with the larger field of vision of my open eye allowing the brightness of ambient light to define the target. Most of the time this compensation allowed me to fling all my sticks on the target, minus the one miss by an inch!

Did I mention this tournament was the first to be shot with my new sight at different distances? True, I just put the Sure-Loc IconX and my newly purchased 4X lens on for this tournament. Previously, I used this combo at the set 50m distance at the Kansas City Summer Sizzle without the 4X lens. I couldn’t be happier with the purchase of the lens and my performance is matching the equipment upgrade. I dropped quite a few points on the first 2/3s of the match with many of my shots running high as I learned to shoot the IconX. The last third of the targets I owned! With many 10s scored and even a 12 to be had.

Special Thanks

No better day to be had than those on the range!

Special Thanks goes out to Tri-County Rod & Gun Club Archery for putting on the event and a debt of gratitude is owed to Marc for setting up the range and ensuring everyone has a great time.

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