The Opossum Mystery – Trail Cam Monday

The Opossum Mystery – Trail Cam Monday

Bad position of trail cam

Someday’s opossum just aren’t playing dead, they are dead! That’s what my son, the Junior Outdoorsman in Suburbia, found when he was mowing the yard in the garden bed out behind our house. At first he wasn’t 100% sure exactly what the animal was, only that it was not alive! After a quick visual confirmation of the rotting corpse, we definitely had a small opossum on our hands. There were no signs of trauma only a lot of flies gathering to propagate!

My next move was to look at the trail cam I have placed on the back of my property to observe the various people and pets who trounce through. As you can see in the cam photo there was some activity about 4 days before I found the decomposing carcass in my back yard, though there were no details that would provide any insight into the opossum mystery.

The best part of the photographs are the one’s of my family trying to figure out what to do with the truly dead opossum!

I’ve eaten weird things through the course of my life. I’ve eaten wild game, I’ve eaten possum, possum’s no good. – Chris Pratt


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