PSE Mustang Recurve – Heritage Bow

PSE Mustang Recurve – Heritage Bow

PSE Mustang RiserThis bow played a critical role in my rehab and physical therapy when I hurt my shoulder so bad I couldn’t lift my arm above my head. The draw weight being on the low side (45#) was great for the condition I was in, though the bigger issue was bow hand shock. I simply could not take the impact my 2011 70# Bear Charge was pounding out. And at the rate I desired to shoot, my wrist and especially my elbow, weren’t going to last. Then I went to Bass Pro a few minutes from my house and saw the vision of the PSE Mustang sitting in my bow hand and with a price in the $200 range, if only the bow would be easy on the shoulder. After waiting my turn to see the variety out the 50# version and quickly decided that the smoothness of a recurve was what the doctor should have ordered. In fact if my doctor and physical therapist had known anything about archery, I’m sure they would have prescribed this exact bow. Eventually, the 45# model of the PSE Mustang wound up on my birthday wish list and what a great present it was from my lovely wife.

After receiving the bow and a nice case to store my new piece of *therapy* gear, I carefully put the bear hair on the shelf and decided to shoot off just the shelf. Some of the Easton Game Getters that were laying around got feather fletching in my favorite red & black colors. In case you haven’t discovered, arrows that are shot off the shelf fly awkwardly with vanes obstructing the flight path while feathers flex to keep your arrow on target. I started off shooting just 10 shots before ending my physical therapy with 50 shots in a session. The whole process to get my therapy complete took 3 months, and well worth the wait as my shoulder is 100% better.


Cases for the PSE Mustang Recurve

The selection of cases for a recurve are numerous, though my desire was to keep the bow put together as much as possible and not be constantly adjusting the limb bolts with he possibility of stripping them out or damaging the bolt. My solution is Neet Products Recurve Bow Case found at Bass Pro

Michael Reynolds

Mike is an avid Archer who shoots in tournaments and coaching Prairie Fire Archers.

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