Pheasants Forever Target Shooting Event

Pheasants Forever Target Shooting Event

Academy Sponsorship Photo for the Pheasants Forever Target Shooting Event

The morning started early and was full of excitement for the Pheasants Forever Target Shooting Event held at Powder Creek in Lenexa, Kansas for youth interested in becoming more acquainted with shooting clay targets. In my home my participant awakened early and was thrilled to pull together his gear, when on normal school day preparation is like pulling ticks of the dog to get him ready. Imagine a teenager not liking to shoot for hours with an awesome instructor and for free (OK, the parents like the FREE part). Very seldom do you find time in this day and age when there’s no iPhone, no TV, no conference calls and no set routine. The only option is to have fun learning a completely American tradition of hunting. Hunting begins by learning to shoot, and Pheasants Forever provides one of the best opportunities for youth to learn this important skill in the Kansas City metro area.

Best Advice from the Pheasants Forever Target Shooting Event

Advice from a Pheasants Forever volunteer

Good advice was abundant for the young shooters at the Pheasants Forever Target Shooting Event at Powder Creek in Lenexa, Kansas. John Francis provided an accurate assessment of the youth in the first minutes of meeting each individual and further established rapport with each individual by improving their form, shooting strategy and success at shooting clay targets in just those short few minutes. We have attended a variety of events over the years, and the Pheasants Forever events are some of the best run and most educational we have had the opportunity to attend.

There are many reasons why our youth should be involved in hunting and learn to prepare their own food from nature. First, it’s very safe when compared to other sports with a much lower injury rate than golf, volleyball and football. In today’s healthy eating environment, the general populace should know that venison is free from man-made intervention, the benefits of hunting include exercise (hiking) and mental clarity. Finally, a compelling reason to perpetuate hunting is to help the planet. Hunting and licensing fees help to fund the preservation and improvement of millions of acres to help prevent habitat loss as cities expand.

Great Advice for Shotgunners from John Francis

John Francis of Wing & Clays instructing the Pheasants Forever Shooting Event

  • Check your gun position
  • Shoot clays at the top of their flight
  • Cut down on unnecessary movement

What are we shooting?

Remington 870 Express

We shoot an American classic, the Remington 870 Express in 20 gauge with a shortened, youth stock bought from Midway USA that also helps to camouflage the firearm. For ease of carrying in the field we added a RedHead Deluxe 2.5″ Neoprene Gun Sling. For the money, there is no better value than a Remington pump shotgun, though at some point I suspect a semi-automatic or over-under is in our future.

Video demonstrating Success

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