Easton Side Rod Adapter Review

Easton Side Rod Adapter

Easton Stabilizer Side Rod Adapter

Archers always have priorities. Sometimes we are working on our stance, then we switch to watching our release and then the next day we are focused on upgrading our equipment to the latest and greatest. The problem is archery equipment is expensive both in actual dollars and in the amount time consumed on tweaking your shot back to perfection. On the days we shoot new equipment rest assured that hours of thought have went into both the purchase and reading reviews on how a particular piece of gear will improve scores or reliability of shot for hunters. I admit to skimping on cost though I’m always going to buy quality gear when the budget is low and piece is required to shoot. The Easton Side Rod Adapter is one of those purchases where going without a side rod adapter puts the archer at a distinct disadvantage though there are options that allow more flexible configuration and better placement of a side rod, though the Easton Side Rod Adapter definitely does all that’s necessary to hold both your side and primary stabilizing rods on even the hardest hitting bows.

The Easton Side Rod Adapter is definitely solid in what it is designed to do. If I could wave my magic wand and change one thing about this adapter is adding a vertical axis adjustment. The adapter is solid in the horizontal adjustment and for a piece of gear in the $30 range this is all an archer should expect for the cost. Thank you Easton for a solid product that fits the gap I needed to fill at a great price point.

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