Indoor 3-D Archery League at KC Performance Archery Range

Indoor 3-D Archery League at KC Performance Archery Range

Youth Archer on Indoor 3-D Archery League

Thursday night’s are traditionally our Indoor 3-D Archery League night on one of the best ranges in the KC Metro region. If you have not been to the KC Performance Archery Range in Olathe, Kansas I recommend you remedy the situation immediately. The whole family can shoot at the climate controlled range on the hottest days of the year without breaking a sweat.

In the youth indoor 3-D Archery League a majority of the targets are in the 10-20 yard range. There are a few angle shots that extend a little longer though nothing too difficult. Most of the rounds are spent choosing 5 different targets and shooting one arrow into them in order to score 5-10 points per arrow. There is a total of 6 rounds with a couple usually being called rounds requiring archers to hit certain targets in order to score. One of the best features of the league is Richard’s ability to come up with nicknames for each of the kids. He doesn’t automatically assign one, they have to be discovered along the way. One of the favorite events in the league is Zombie night though it only occurs once during he league, the youth ask continually about which night it will be. The zombie targets a spread throughout the range and the youth have a blast shooting at them. Scores are kept and tracked via their Facebook page and my kid begs me to see the standings on Friday morning before he goes to school.

There’s always an improvement item to be found in archery. In this video, Peep, is releasing before he even has a chance to line the pin in his sight to the target, check the bow for level, transfer the weight to his shoulders, etc.

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