KC Summer Sizzle Archery Tournament

KC Summer Sizzle Archery Tournament

The inaugural KC Summer Sizzle Archery occurred this past weekend (8/8/2015) on Saturday morning. The rain delayed us a couple hours though spirits and enthusiasm ran high keeping everyone in good spirits. Unlike many field, hunter and 3-D tournaments the KC Summer Sizzle is shot on a line at the same distance for each arrow, making this the perfect tournament to invite friends and family to watch your progress. My son, a cub, and I, a senior, shot in this tournament together with my wife and daughter as spectators. If the truth must be told my daughter *really* wanted to shoot this one with her family teammates.

Shooting Style

Score card from the 2015 KC Summer Sizzle Archery Tournament

The KC Summer Sizzle was a USA Archery sanctioned tournament with Olympic Recurve, Traditional and Compound styles with shooting distances from 20 meters to 60 meters. The curious item about the distance, the Olympic Recurve shooter actually shot 60 meters while the compounds were at 50 meters! In all the other tournament types I’ve shot in, the compounds always shoot at much farther distances than the recurve shooters. Scoring was easy and done in a very professional manner on specially printed score cards just for this event.


This shoot wasn’t your normal fuddy dud shoot… we had the best mix of DJ’ing, announcing and Judging by Kerry Heidebrecht that any tournament has ever seen. Not only did the Archer’s find the music entertaining, but many of the fans found the music much more exciting than the actual tournament (pretty sure my wife compared viewing archery tournaments to paint drying…we’ll forgive her first offense).


A whole lot of fun in a well structured environment run by excellent people who care about archers and their development characterizes the first KC Summer Sizzle Archery Tournament. The KC Summer Sizzle fills a void in the Kansas City Archery scene that we have been lacking for some time — a competitive, local tournament. The KC Metro is lacking in archery events when compared to other nearby states and even the Wichita, Kansas area has more frequent opportunities. I have a feeling all my whining about not having events is about to be silenced with the recent addition of thePrairie Fire Archers organization to our area.

I don’t care that I didn’t win, I care more about not losing arrows! – Dylan Reynolds

Official Rankings… http://prairiefirearchers.com/tournaments/kc-summer-sizzle-final-rankings/


KC Summer Sizzle Photo Gallery

Lots of great bows at the KC Summer Sizzle

Lots of great bows at the KC Summer Sizzle!

View from the shooting line of the KC Summer Sizzle

View from the shooting line of the KC Summer Sizzle… 50 meters is a long ways down there!

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