Exploring Front of Center (FoC) Percentage – Arrow Building

Exploring Front of Center (FoC) Percentage

FoC Calculations on a sheet of a paper

The purchase of a new bow leads to new accessories and in particular arrows. When you start building those arrows you have to take into consideration a variety of concerns. Front of Center (FoC) percentages of 10-15% are the norm and exploring requires the purchase of vanes and tips and constant balancing to yield a properly balanced arrow that shoots well from your bow. The new to me Hoyt target bow deserves some new arrows, so the Easton Lightspeeds pictured above where selected. After buying a couple sets of points and gluing on the vanes a Front of Center Percentage check was necessary to determine which grain of point would win by the PoC numbers. You can see my mathematic scratches in the screen shot of my paperwork.

Where to go from here

Functioning Prototype of an iPhone app for Front of Center (FOC) Percentage
Never wanting to do something just on paper, I quickly prototyped an application for the iPhone in Xcode 8. Now, I’ll need to determine if I should investor some more effort to productionize the app and bring this app to market. I suspect I would need a more intuitive design that spells out the inputs. A nice icon would also be helpful, too! Please, sound off in the comments for input into the build out of the application and potential release. Also, I love to document the early look and feel of apps very early in their infancy, as this post does.

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