Target Tuesday – 7/14/2015

Target Tuesday

How do you practice more? If you live in the suburbs where yards are small and shooting in the yard is a safety concern getting practice time is difficult. Therefore the alternative is to shoot inside the house! I set up a small target in the basement with a 10 yard maximum. Just enough to practice form and get very accurate groups. 5 and 3 spot targets are my favorite as the close range could create very tight groupings with a tendency to damage arrows.

‚ÄúNothing clears a troubled mind better than shooting a bow — unknown

The Outdoorsman in Suburbia YouTube Channel

Target & Equipment Details

  • Equipment: Ross XD
  • Target: Maple Leaf TA-3X40V 3 Spot Vertical World Championship Target Face
  • Distance: 10 Yards
  • Location: Shooting Down in the basement

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