Why Experience Archery Tournaments?

Shooting at an archery range in El Dorado, Kansas to Experience Archery

Why Experience Archery Tournaments?

Why Experience Archery Tournaments? As this Outdoorsman in Suburbia desires to be a better archer, one way to do so is shoot more frequently through tournaments and leagues. The pressure to perform and excel can be immense, even more so for some than sitting in a tree stand. My hypothesis is that being in more high pressure situations will eventually allow me to overcome anticipation and nerves in more situations. Ultimately, allowing me to hunt game in even a more relaxed, calm fashion than today’s results.

Experience builds Credibility

As a level 2 certified instructor, I need to experience the same level of frustration as those I coach. Unless you experience the same circumstances as your students, the likelihood of being able to coach someone through a similar event successfully is going to be less than the coaches who have experience those circumstances. A practical example is going to an Olympic archery coach and expecting to be instructed on how to take a deer with a hunting bow set up. While you may get lucky and the Olympic coach is an avid hunter too, the reality is that Olympic coaches will be able to set you up with excellent information on form with a recurve. They may not be able to tell you the exact placement of an arrow on a 3/4 turned 12 point buck though someone who has shot 3-D targets will likely be able to help you estimate distance in challenging light situations that are often found on a course. Long story short, I want to get out of my comfort zone and experience as much as possible to convey challenges to my students easier.

Kansas City Metro Area Archery Tournaments

To support my hypothesis and help others who want to shoot in competitions I created and maintain a list of Archery tournaments in the Kansas City Metro Area (loosely defined as 300 miles away from the heart of Kansas City, Missouri) and am willing to update with shoots that are upcoming or that we participated in. For the 2015 Archery season we are participating in at least 3 different tournaments around the area and would love to meet/interview other archers.

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