Who Am I and Why Am I Here?

Mike Reynolds and Son camping at Perry Lake

Who Am I and Why Am I Here?

My personal history dictates that I write about about what’s going on in my life in an effort to entertain and provide insight to others. I haven’t always possessed the desire to write for others and growing up and through my early adulthood I only wrote in journals about my happiest and worst moments. Then, I came onto the internet… in 1994 I had my first email account and was thrilled to not be writing letters that cost money to send. Shortly, afterwards I created my first web site about an international foreign language camp that I taught in over summers. The opportunity to develop content that could be seen by anyone in the world was an alluring attraction in those early days. Pages where simple and contained raw text, a few pictures and simple HTML commands. That was about 450 web sites ago. I’ve been busy and have worked for a variety of companies with different focuses, meeting 1000s of individuals along the journey.

Today, I write to inspire my audience to do something a little different and ironic. To unplug and go outdoors to enjoy the gifts of Mother Nature. My favorite topics are often Archery focused and tend to revolve around my son… who one day aspires to be a true outdoorsman. I’m sure he, whom I often refer to as the Junior Outdoorsman in Suburbia, will do more to inspire others than I can dream of. I hope his desire to be in the outdoors will lead others to the techniques he as learned to enjoy and that I often write about. The products I use are items that I have tried in the field or abandoned before I used due to their poor performance. In any event I write about honest and actual uses, not contrived experiments that don’t yield real world results. In fact I often buy my big ticket items second hand to reduce costs and find ways to extend my budget.

I invite the readers of Outdoorsman in Suburbia to make comments, to have fun and, of course, share their experiences in tweets, Facebook posts and comments. Your engagement drives ours and together we can make the great Outdoors a better place, especially for those bound to Suburbia.

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