Benefits of the Great Outdoors – Wonder of Nature

Wonder of Nature

Nature provides a unique beauty enjoyed by millions on a daily basis. Few can deny the beauty and depth of the Grand Canyon, the awe-inspiring views of both the California and Florida beach lines or the majestic redwood forests. Undeniably, millions of people visit these sites every year, while others find others of nature in their own back yard. I admit that many times I’ve tried to relive my youth by walking the trails and parks of the suburbs. There is no better feeling than smelling old timber on an early morning hunt.

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Perhaps nature’s greatest wonder is the gift of life. For those of us who have seen a baby fawn protected by it’s mother or a baby bird accepting food from the parents. Those who have yet to experience the cracking of an egg from the inside and the awkwardness of a baby bird tumbling out to see her mother for the first time are missing a wonder of nature that often leads to the conservation of all wildlife.

Within the circle of life there must be death. And the grim reality that all life must end in death. Frequently, in the outdoors the end of life of one animal or plant means the survival and sustenance of another. Though, I have not experienced a successful hunt of a pride of lions, watching these royal hunters on video always amazes me at both their tenacity and ferocity. Another sight to behold is the patient Great Blue Heron stepping silently in search of his prey; often a frog or small fish. The lump in his throat as he looks into the sky to push the meal to his stomach, reminds me that not every meal is easily consumed or found on a plate.

The wonder of nature is not limited to beautiful landscapes teaming with wildlife. There are massive, life altering events brought upon the inhabitants by Mother Nature. Earthquakes cause large areas of land to shift forcing man-made structures to the ground in heaps of rubble. Sometimes by displacing people, an earthquake provides man an opportunity to rebuild and perfect his creations. Not to be forgotten are other natural events such as Tsunamis, hurricanes and violent tornados. In regards to tornados, I travel frequently to the East coast (I am on a plan as I write this post) and the most often question asked is “How many tornados have you seen” followed by a close second to “How do you life in constant fear of a tornado destroying your home?” Many are caught off-guard by my typical Kansan response. I’ve never seen one. In fact to see the violent after-math of the nearest tornado I drove 100s of miles. At the risk of perpetuating a debate, I view hurricanes as much more devastating across an entire region of the US with millions of people affected.

The wonder of nature is present all around us, whether you live in a big city or in an isolated village. Some travel and patience may be needed to experience the most precious moments in time. As for the author, I’ll continue my adventures in Suburbia and expose my children and fellow readers to as many outdoor opportunities as possible and time allows. As for you, my radar, I challenge you to become and Outdoorsman in Suburbia, no matter where you live.

2 thoughts on “Benefits of the Great Outdoors – Wonder of Nature

  • July 8, 2015 at 2:37 pm

    I was really impressed by this post because of how well it was written and organized. I enjoyed the imagery especially of the heron which I often enjoy watching where I live.
    I sense the respect for nature that you have and appreciation for the non-concrete world.
    This appreciation and respect I’m sure you will pass on to your son (or other family) and I think that’s really fantastic.
    While I do not hunt, I respect the sport of archery and a friend of mine hunts by bow.
    Thanks for writing.

    • July 8, 2015 at 4:49 pm

      Thanks for reading the post. I’m refreshed when someone posts such encouraging comments in the most sincere way. And I agree that at least a piece of our hectic concrete world needs the Outdoors to keep us calm and serene. Also, thanks for your recognition of my desire to pass along these skills to my family (the Junior Outdoorsman is definitely the most impressionable, while the daughter is the softball fanatic). If you ever need a guest blogger, I’m your man, Outdoorsman in Suburbia, that is.


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