Benefits of the Great Outdoors – Tranquility


A cool breeze across a picturesque blooming meadow, never ceases to bring a calming aura to my soul. And in the busy suburbia we live in, who couldn’t use a little more tranquility? Some days stress is a driving factor in how we spend our time and potentially contributes to more turmoil in our lives. Case in point, a few months ago I developed a constant pain under my lower, right rib. Compounding the problem was my inability to achieve an inner tranquility, since my primary relaxation technique is the practice of Archery (see Target Tuesday).

Personal Tranquility at Risk

My personal diagnosis was a strained muscle from all the practice I was performing to improve my scores at the KSAA Field event and proceed to self treat the condition by plopping myself on the couch for long periods of time with a bag of ice on the strain. Not only did the couch lifestyle not agree with me, I found myself down-right unbearable to be around. Finally, convinced after a week that a doctor should be consulted, I proceeded to the office after work and went through the x-ray process with no findings and and urging from the Doctor to rest. One more week of persistent pain went by and I was still unable to achieve the tranquility that my soul desired and I admit my mental state proved to my family and friends that tranquility is necessary for a good relationship to occur (I was a grouch)! Another Doctors visit was in order and an ultrasound scheduled for the day after proved no internal injuries though the pain increased as time progressed.

x-ray time

As my concern grew over the inability to diagnose the pain, the next Doctor’s visit would prove fruitful! The theory was a muscle strain was pushing an intercostal nerve and my inability to sit absolutely still only aggravated the injury more and prevented the healing process to occur. A couple days later and a few muscle relaxers in my system and I was confident to be shooting in the Kansas State Archery Association (KSAA) Outdoor Championship. Instantly knowing, I would be able to enjoy the practice fields and roaming trails of the shoot in Wichita, Kansas’ woodland, put my soul in a the state of tranquility that I, and my family, so desperately needed. Undeniably, there exists a personality type that must feel and breath the outdoors to be truly happy. Hunting and fishing are activities viewed by these outdoor adventurers as essential to their well being even when their desk jobs draw them away from their ideal stress-free zone.

Archery leads the way to Tranquility

Tranquility: (noun) quality or state of being tranquil; calmness; peacefulness; quiet; serenity.

As an avid archer my joy comes from the gentle breeze on my face as I draw back and expand my chest with a deep breath. when I transfer the weight back to my shoulders and release the breath a cool calmness occurs as I proceed through my shot process. My reward, ultimately, comes with the “thwang” of the string followed by a thud of the arrow on a target, either live or printed. When hunting the only downside is the shots aren’t as frequent though the moment is treasured even more. Though target shooting provided more frequent, smaller rewards, target shooting does not fill the freezer!

Tranquility is achieved in a multitude of different ways, dependent on personal preferences and mental state. While tranquility for each person may be achieved under different circumstances, in my experience the ability to achieve that state frequently involves being outdoors and near nature. When I achieve this state of calmness and peace the quality of my life and interactions with my family, friends and neighbors is an overwhelmingly positive experience for all people.

3 thoughts on “Benefits of the Great Outdoors – Tranquility

  • June 23, 2015 at 6:08 am

    Really like this write up and can understand what you mean about needing to be outside for the feeling of peace. Thanks for sharing.

  • June 23, 2015 at 8:27 pm

    Glad you’re mended and back out in the green! Very much enjoyed this post. Peace….

    • June 24, 2015 at 6:41 am

      Thanks for the encouraging words! I’m still amazed at how much the outdoors affects our well-being.


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