Target Tuesday – 6/9/2015

Target Tuesday

Archery Target at 50 yards

With one week to go before the Kansas State Outdoor Championship on June 13 & 14 of 2015, I’m shooting about 100 arrows per session a couple times a week. My efforts are starting to pay off as my groups are getting tighter at the 50 yard range. I decided to alternate back and forth from the 40yd and 50 yd markers to get better acquainted with the controls on my HHA Optimizer Lite. I’ll be shooting in the Freestyle class again, even though my current setup does not have a large stabilizing system and my bow was designed for tight spaces and not targets. The open range is so easy compared to field or hunter archery tournaments sponsored by the NFAA.

“Avoid fast walking, running or any other violent exercise just before shooting, as nothing so distracts the line of a shot as excited nerves.” –Maurice and Will H. Thompson, How to train in Archery, 1879

Target & Equipment Details

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