Perfect Time to Buy Turkey Calls and Gear

Perfect Time to Buy Turkey Calls

Many hunter’s are returning to normalcy after the Spring Turkey Hunting season ended in Kansas this last week. No more rising before the morning sun peaks across the rooftops, or staying out late searching for the roosts of Spring Gobblers. For those of us who didn’t tag out early it can be a somber time, where we even contemplate not hunting again (say it ain’t so)! A few of the more resilient and planning types will recognize the period of time right after the season coincides with the major retailers moving all their Turkey Gear into the clearance aisle. The lead photo says it all with Walmart pricing on gear at a 75% discount one week after the close of turkey season.

What’s on Sale?

My Turkey Hunting friends are going crazy right now on just about everything that major retailers have. Specifically, mouth calls, pan calls and box calls. More importantly, there’s a selection! Concerning decoys, there are still a few to be found and they, too are at a 75% discount. One item you won’t find… ground blinds! Seriously, there are a lot of hunters out there and a blind can be used for many different seasons. Long story, short… I’ve never heard of a blind going on sale.

What items did you get?

Flextone Funky Chicken

Literally, the one decoy I passed on because $25 at the ginning of Spring was over my limit due to the expensive purchase of a blind. With Walmart’s clearance of the Flextone Funky Chicken at only $5 my Spring 2016 Turkey season is on pace to be better than this years. The philosophy of the wimpy jake driving a large tom to attack and then ending up on my dining table is a great dream to fulfill.

Pan and Box Turkey Calls

I couldn’t believe my good luck. On the shelf above the Flextone Funky Chicken were two calls that caught my attention. The Flextone Tramp Stamp Slate call was the first to enter my shopping basket and at $5 I could not hold myself back from purchasing. I had a hard time deciding if I needed another box call, but yet again, at $5 I couldn’t abstain from purchasing the Flextone Booger Bottom.

Are you going to buy anything next year?

With these awesome clearance sells, I don’t see myself buying much and definitely nothing until Turkey season is winding down in the middle of May. I was unable to score any turkey specific broad heads this year and I may look to upgrade a few more decoys… can’t ever have enough fake turkeys laying around.

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