Köppen Sturm Sleeping Bag Review

Köppen Sturm Sleeping Bag

Köppen Sturm Sleeping Bag Review

When sleeping outdoors, in the backyard or even in long term hunting camps, the secret to a comfortable and more enjoyable experience is a good night’s sleep. Selecting the correct sleeping bag for the appropriate weather conditions and climate is critical to the success and restful sleeping experience. In camping every month for year, even in the snow, I discovered there’s no single sleeping solution for all seasons. And in this review we’ll focus our efforts on colder (below 35°) conditions that the Köppen Sturm Sleeping Bag was designed for — a mummy-type bag with some nice comfort features.

Construction and Sturdiness

Sturm Koppen Sleeping Bat

0° and Windy Experience

At the 0° temperature cold permeates all tents and the slightest breeze creates a windchill factor bordering on the unbearable. Any extra bodies in the tent create a beneficial warming factor. Experiencing this extreme condition only once in my lifetime I was modestly warm in the Köppen Sturm Sleeping Bag. I managed to stay warm with only a pair of hand warmers thrown into the bottom of the bag to keep the feet warm. The solo nature of an adult camping with a boy scout troop requires frequent middle of the night wake-ups and requires any sleeping bag has to have a quick and reliable zipper for lightning fast entries and exits…Köppen delivers and makes life easy with both velcro and drawstring securing mechanisms. Anything below 0° and with extreme conditions and I, personally, would question if the Sturm was the correct bag for the situation.

20° – 30° Experience

The ideal temperature range for the Sturm sleeping bag is in the 20° – 30°. After winning a draw on a ‘TODO Insert link to Turkey hunt Turkey hunt in April we quickly decided to make home base and camp in Perry Lake’s camping area about 30 minutes away from our hunting area. Nights are still cold in central Kansas in March and we experienced a bit of a chill, though tossing the hand warmers in the bottom of the Sturm bag was a huge mistake! Within 15 minutes I was sweating and pulled them out to cool off and did not require a heat source the rest of the night. A perfect amount of padding in the bag combined with a blow up sleeping mat equals a great night of restful sleep.

What do other Campers say about the Köppen Sturm Sleeping Bag?

Nice sized pocket in the Sturm Koppen sleeping bag

Mixed reviews from a variety of sources. In the $75-$100 range there are a plethora of options for a variety of different conditions and each of those options is tailored to a specific use case. Hikers obviously value a more compact bag than the Sturm offers, while others are looking for a Mummy-type bag and don’t have to worry about weight.

Question and Comments

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Important Info

  • This is one of my favorite camping bags of all time and with my collection of bags throughout the years, that is not a claim a make lightly. This sleeping bag was purchased at Dick’s Sporting Goods:
  • Köppen Sturm’s link to this sight: Köppen Sturm

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