Cartel 2000 Target Sight – Olympic Recurve

Cartel 2000 Target Sight

Cartel 2000 Target Sight

How does an archer determine if a costly target sight is the right one to compete with? Try buying and using a whole lot of sights and using them for several months. Cycling through many different products and determining what you don’t like is the ideal method of discovering what works best for you, unfortunately, it is also the most expensive method. A more efficient way to determine the best sight for you is to read reviews and understand other skilled archer’s viewpoints on specific products.

Construction and Sturdiness

The Cartel 2000 Target Sight is of solid construction with few plastic pieces allowing for precise adjustments that stick. I’ve shot over 100 shots at 20 yards and no tightening was required to keep the sight zeroed in. Now, let’s be clear, this is one of the most inexpensive sights on the market. I paid $29.99 US dollars on sale from Lancaster Archery back in March of 2015. The normal price was $79.99 is a little steep for the feature set of this sight, which is squarely on the side of no frills. The numbered steps allow for exact yardage settings and are easily mapped to yards. I am accustomed to writing a mapping document so this is a non-issue for me. The best part is that I don’t have any yardages that sit in-between the marks, further building my confidence in the Cartel 2000 Target Sight.

What do other Archery say about the Cartel 2000 Target Sight?

Cartel 2000 Target Sight

The Cartel 2000 Target Sight must face the music in regards to what other archers say. Receiving less that 2 stars out of 5 on Lancaster’s review feature is cause for serious concern. One of the consistent themes is the Cartel 2000 is a beginner’s sight and that anyone with a few tournaments under their belts should probably steer clear of this product. On the sight I’m using there has been no looseness or slippage. With over 400 arrows on this sight I feel like I would see some slippage that the reviews indicate, though I haven’t. I might be lucky, in the end while many people do not like the Cartel 2000 Target Sight, I find the sight to be a fine addition to my gear and worthy to participate in any tournament.

Question and Comments

The Outdoorsman in Suburbia would be glad to answer any questions on using the Cartel 2000 Target Sight. Please leave your questions in the comments section below or in the contact section of the About Us page.

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