W&W Sebastian Flute Axiom Plus Recurve Limbs

W&W Sebastian Flute Axiom Plus Recurve Limbs

SF Axiom Plus Recuve Limbs

Wouldn’t you like to shoot Olympic Archery? Looking for an entry point into Olympic Archery can be a challenging decision. Not only is the form hard to achieve to be a high scoring athlete, there are few resources in most communities to achieve your goal. One of the major barriers to many would-be starting Olympic Archers is the cost of the bow, beyond the riser, one of the first major expenses and decisions is the Recurve Limbs to launch your arrows. While my humble archery beginnings started in the backyard and evolved into hunting. As I look for more activities to participate with my newly minted TEENAGE son, target archery is quickly becoming one of our favorites. The first major event we participated in together was hosted by the Kansas State Archery Association occurred a few weeks ago in Wichita, Kansas.

Construction and Sturdiness

The SF Axiom Plus Recurve Limbs are made of laminated materials and are finished to be durable. The finish is sturdy enough to fight off signs or reasonable wear, though the surface is not scratch proof. The string grooves are what one would expect, not super deep, just enough to fit securely when brought to the proper tension. While stringing the bow I have not experienced any issues with string slippage and overall an easy set of limbs to string. Shooting this olympic recurve at least once a week keeps variety in my routine and ensures that I don’t have isolated muscle strains.

Attaching to the Bow

Riser attached to the limbs! #Recurve #olympicrecurve

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Attaching your limbs to the riser may seem like a trivial action for those who have seen an Olympic Archer assemble his/her bow, though for us that have not and shoot traditional or compound bows, this trivial action is assumed to involve tightening tiller bolts down to hold the risers firmly in place. Let’s be clear, the limbs won’t feel solid instead they will be loosely held in place via a groove and small indention on the bow. Ok, now that all the bowhunters have put away their allen wrenches we can continue with our assembly photos. Pro Tip: The number of twists in the string does affect the poundage drawn back. In order to keep the twists consistent don’t take the string off the limbs and put them away without adding or taking away any twists.

What do other Archery say about W&W Sebastian Flute Axiom Plus Recurve Limbs?

The talk about the W&W Sebastian Flute Axiom Plus Recurve Limbs is very focused on what a great value these recurve limbs are for beginning archers. With these limbs in the sub $100 range, there is a boon for all archers as multiple sets at different weights may be purchased without exceptional damage to ones budget. The links below support the assertion of value for these limbs. I challenge the readers of this post to find a better value for the first time Olympic Recurve archer and add their finds to the comments below.

Question and Comments

Limbs connecting to the Riser on an Olympic Recurve

The goal of this article is to provide our fellow archers and readers an easy entry point from both an expense and knowledge perspective. Sometimes, we fail to reach all of our readers on every topic. The Outdoorsman in Suburbia would be glad to answer any questions on using the W&W Sebastian Flute Axiom Plus Recurve Limbs. Please leave your questions in the comments section below or in the contact section of the About Us page.

Important Info

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