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HHA Optimizer

HHA Optimizer Lite Ultra

How does an archer determine if a costly sight is the right one? Single pin sights are all the rage in both 3-D archery tournaments and in the field on hunting trips. There’s no doubt in my mind on the improvements I experienced on transition from a 3-pin Tru glo sight to the HHA Optimizer Lite Ultra DS-5019. Leading with my longest shot before acquiring this site from Bass Pro was at 50 yards, and within 2 weeks of set up I now shoot at 80 yards. That’s right I can hit a 30cm NFAA target at 80 yards with my Ross XD. Will you be able to use this site to extend your range and become a more accurate archer? The unimaginable is now within my grasp and I’m happy to describe why in my commentary below to help you make the determination to buy this expensive sight. Please, note I am not sponsored by HHA and this is a completely, unsolicited review of the HHA Optimizer Lite.

Construction and Sturdiness

The DS-5019 is a nice hunk of metal with not a lot of weight to lug around. There’s a lot of thought into the design to make the controls easy to adjust, including slight adjustments for wind and shot angle. The sturdiness and durability of the Optimizer Lite Ultra is well documented and remains untainted in my experience. After shooting 112 arrows in the Kansas State Archery Association Field Archery tournament using adjustments to yardage on 28 targets, the gears are still as solid and unforgiving as if the sight just came out of the box.

Attaching to the Bow

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There were a few hiccups on my part when putting the sight on the bow. On the first attempt at attaching the sight to the bow the screws provided were too short. Luckily a trip to Home Depot was successful and I was able to find longer bolts that worked perfectly and the sight was attached using the middle set of holes. Unfortunately, my reading skills weren’t up to par and I shot a session trying to dial into the 20 yard setting. Had I read the details in the manual, I would have known I needed to set the bow on the highest position as possible so I would get the most range out of the bow. Turns out my Ross bow could only handle about 75 yards on the range provided on the circle.

What do other Archery say about the HHA Optimizer Lite Ultra DS-5019?

As I talk to other archers in my network of friends love HHA sights for their solidness of construction and accuracy that I show at the range on my small hunting bow. The tournament archers view this sight as an intermediate between beginners with fixed sights and the competition quality that the best archers utilize. My only issue with the site is very close shots. For example at the Kansas State Archery Association Field Archery tournament there were shots at 5, 10 and 15 yards, and the Optimizer Life Ultra’s shortest marked distance is 20 yards. In my opinion this is a shortcoming, making utilization of this sight difficult at close distances when a shot needs to fit inside the area of a quarter.

Question and Comments

The Outdoorsman in Suburbia would be glad to answer any questions on using the HHA Optimizer Lite Ultra DS-5019. Please leave your questions in the comments section below or in the contact section of the About Us page.

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