Unboxing Lancaster Archery

Unboxing Package from Lancaster Archery

The last 4 out of 5 months I have received shipments from Lancaster Archery with a huge variety of gear. Ranging from an Olympic Recurve (check it out!) to dozens of arrow shafts for my youth league participant! Who would’ve guessed that it takes that many arrows to keep a kid practicing in leagues! Thankfully, I haven’t blown my budget and the Huntress of Suburbia allows me to order frequently. Without further ado, let’s have an Unboxing!

First Item in the Unboxing

Everyone needs points for their arrows

Unboxing Lancaster Archery - Easton Point Bullet

Second Item in the Lancaster Archery Unboxing

How about some nocks!?!

Unboxing Lancaster Archery

Third Item in the box

I’ve been needing a stand!

Win & Win Premium Magnetic Bowstand

Last Item in the Lancaster Archery Unboxing

Like I said earlier, youth go through lots of arrows during league! We are going to try these Easton XX75 1616s… the Junior Outdoorsman in Suburbia’s first aluminums.

Easton XX75 1616

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