Archery Tournaments to Participate In! R100

There’s another great Archery Tournament ramping up called the R100

In the random see of the internet many people serve as guides in finding the coolest things on Earth to do. Thanks for finding and pointing me to this awesome tournament. There are several factors on why I’m drawn to this tournament in particular. The idea of 100 targets over two days is awesome way to experience a lot of 3-D targets real quick. The other factor is the targets are all different and combined with 100 targets provides for a real challenge on a variety of targets and ranges.

This tournament gets added to our list of tournaments twice, as there are two tournaments relatively close to the KC area. With camping available on site the cost of the tournament’s two day fee for 100 targets is $50 for adults and $20 for youth is reasonable and cost efficient.

When’s the tournament?

4/11/2015 – 4/12/2015

5/2/2015 – 5/3/2015

Link to the tournament site

Outdoorsman in Suburbia list of Tournaments

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