Single Day Scouting Trip

Thoughts on Single Day Scouting Trip

By no means other than schedule and practicality should a hunter perform a single day scouting trip and expect to bag big game on the next trip consistently; however, there will be temptations, travel time and scheduling issues that drive hunters to not prepare as much as we would like or require us to prepare in a way less than ideal.

Quick List
  • Google Maps using Satellite View
  • Develop a Scout Plan
  • Consult Locals when Possible

Preparing for a scouting trip starts before the hunter even leaves the comfort of the home. In our digital age we can search for maps and trails online via a variety of tools; including Google Maps and Bing Maps. Researching the area you intend to hunt and looking for ideal spots you want to visit in an unfamiliar region on printouts ahead of time is a great way to start. With a topological map a good orienteer is able to lay out a good initial plan to scout your potential hunting grounds. A plan to cover as much space at the best hunting times is the goal. Though it’s important to scout and see what’s around at the time you will be hunting, another important factor is to see as much of the land as possible– the grass may be greener over the next hill and have the bigger game, too! Ideally a hunter would be able to meet with other local hunters and collaborate on the best locations and methods for hunting.

When you arrive on site, Outdoorsmen should practice wearing the clothes you intent to hunt in, including any scent control. I’m a big fan of leaving gear outside near the hunting area to acquire a better scent when available. While this article doesn’t tell you the details of finding the perfect location to hunt any kind of game what I will offer is advice on what to look for during your scouting trip. Note the calls of animals in the area and really take time to pause and listen for the game you intend to hunt. Also, be a good tracker and mark the tracks on your map. Mark as many of the different types of track in the vicinity as possible. If you don’t know a particular track, search on the web and ask others to help identify for you. Of course, there will be scat… learn to identify your game animals from their scat.

Animal Tracks (Turkey)

Checklist of Scouting Trip Gear

Some of the more useful gear in a quick list format

  • Backpack
  • Rangefinder
  • Maps
  • Camera Phone with GPS
  • Pen/Pencil to mark maps
  • Permission to scout/hunt
  • Water Bottle
  • Snacks
  • Notify someone of your plan and return time
  • Snacks
  • Basic Survival Gear
  • Medical Pack
  • Trail Cams if it makes sense
  • STICK to the PLAN

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