Lancaster Archery Review

Lancaster Archery Service

Lancaster Archery differentiates itself from other online Archery stores with superior customer service by doing exactly what they say in a very reasonable time line. In the last 90 days, the three orders arriving at my house were executed flawlessly. Whether it was the information I received using their online chat discussing which string would fit my SF Forged+ Riser and new limbs, the response was instant with a couple choices and rational for using either or if it was using their 855.922.7769 TechXPert phone line for a more detailed discussion, their representative gave me more than I expected.

Quality of Merchandise

I’m an intermediate archer with a fair budget for equipment. Lancaster Archery provides some of the best prices I’ve seen and their attention to detail ensures that I don’t get scratched and dented equipment at elevated prices. Not that they don’t have discounted equipment that’s either been opened or has minor issues, they spell it out specifically in a special clearance section. One thought on their selection, it’s huge! Almost everything seen other at other establishments and a variety that few can match in a single online store. Though I wish Lancaster would carry a few more bows from some less mainstream makers, particularly in the Hunting and the youth sections. One last bit of advice… order a few extra targets with each purchase, not only are they dirt cheap, you can experience a different shooting format that your local range may not possess.

Order Communication

Like most online transaction systems, Lancaster sends out an email after the order is placed. Unlike most other online archery suppliers email contains a lot of information about the individual items. The only enhancement, and it’s a very minor one, is to add a link back to the item’s product page for easy reference. See the screenshot below as an example (effective 2/6/2015). Though nothing beats the email confirming shipment with tracking information attached.

Screenshot of Lancaster order details

Overall Impression

I’m hooked on Lancaster Archery and their online store. My family knows I’m hooked with the monthly packages arriving and the wife’s moan of “what did you order this time?” I’m concerned that if I start doing unboxing videos of my Lancaster order my marital bliss may be in jeopardy. I could definitely see a time in the next year where I visit the brick & mortar in Pennsylvania.


Would love to hear of other archer’s experiences, though I highly anticipate they will be as positive as all of mine have been! Sound off in the comments or send me a direct message on Twitter, Facebook or Email.

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