SF Forged Plus 25″ Riser – Olympic Recurve

SF Forged Plus 25″ Riser – Olympic Recurve

SF Forged Plus 25

The SF Forged Plus 25″ Riser is the basis for my Olympic Recurve set up. When I originally posted this article I only possessed a couple pieces of the set up and was not even able to shoot the bow as many parts were still needed to accomplish that first shot. After several months of saving and accumulating parts I finally got a string, stabilizer and 6 arrows. The first arrow I messed up and used the wrong glue on the insert and wasted the arrow. Naturally, only 5 arrows meant I had a few less shots in my future. And, now, I have a bit of a confession to make.

I know nothing about Olympic Recurves that I haven’t viewed online or read in blog articles. Not a club that shoots locally, a seasoned mentor who’s guiding me, nor any another reason I should pick up a recurve. I do know that launching an arrow 70 meters like Brady Ellison is an awesome site to behold. I primarily shoot compound with occasional bare bow traditional thrown in for variety. My first impression and theoretical build appeared on this blog back in November. Wow, I know now that I knew nothing back in those old days. Researching compatibility and finding all the parts and being tempted by Lancaster Archery specials rule my computer time nowadays.

Christmas Day Olympic Recurve Surprise

SF Forged Plus 25

Once I opened the box on Christmas day, the challenge of putting together an Olympic Recurve began! I had no clue where to begin and started to assemble like a compound and tightening the tiller bolts down. My mind kept saying this is way to hard to put together and break down each time, and I should have listened, sooner. No damage occurred though I struggled with the Allen Wrenches to tighten those bolts down with too much force! Instead of jumping in with only my intuition I should have viewed NuSensei’s video on Risers first! The video below is super helpful and gives a provides some essential details to assembling the riser.

The video got me pretty far in assembling the limbs, though Jordan Sequillion’s blog post on putting an olympic bow together pushed me to success.

Now, with limbs on I’m working on acquiring the remaining essential components of the Olympic Recurve including a sight and stabilization bars. I’ll detail a few points about the limbs and string next time.

Recap of the SF Forged Plus 25″ Riser

IMG 2308Manufacturers Web Site: http://www.sf-archery.com/index.php/en/risers/forged-riser-detail
Riser manual (pictures of the elite forged: http://www.sf-archery.com/pdf/sf-archery_manual_elite_forged.pdf
Purchased at Lancaster Archery during their November 2014 sale: http://www.lancasterarchery.com/w-w-sf-forged-plus-25-recurve-riser.html

On this riser I use some of the most value driven limbs on the market, Sebastian Flute Axiom Plus: http://outdoorsmaninsuburbia.com/ww-sebastian-flute-axiom-plus-recurve-limbs/

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