Announcement: Outdoorsman In Suburbia is on Facebook

Yes! We are on Facebook… everyone’s on Facebook. The turtle photo as the background represents both the outdoors and a slow start to our Facebook page, while the paved walking path represents the Suburb of Kansas City we live in. Why is this cool? For most people and companies the Facebook launch is an exciting day and for us there is no exception. Setting up the page took a few hours of reading each of the user agreements and some clicks here and there. Not a huge technology feat, nonetheless the first time anyone sets up a Facebook page celebration is in order. A six-pack is order, now the only question is should we go Outdoorsman or prissy Suburbia style beer? Thank the great Elk that Zima isn’t an option.

Purpose of setting up the Facebook page

We want feedback and direction on what’s most interesting to our subscribers. We have a lot to write about and we’ll eventually write until carpal tunnel shrivels our hands into useless stumps. In the meantime, we want to write about items that interest both our users and us. And leave some comments, we like to read comments.

How can you sign up

The Widget to the left is a direct link combined with our recent activity. Or the link below works, too:

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