Tru-Fire Edge 4 Finger Release

Tru-Fire Edge 4 Release

For a span of 20 years I consistently used wrist strap releases and always felt “locked” into my bow. With the advent of fold back wrist strap releases I was an early adopter and loved that I could pull arrows from the target in a halfway decent manner. The Edge 4 took my shot up another level. I quickly discovered that I was shooting a tighter group and really enjoyed the new draw method.

Using the Edge 4 Release

The new draw method the Edge 4 Finger Release was so much better I noticed I was able to increase my draw weight by 6 pounds without any issue. Not only am I drawing more I now latch my release to the string and walk into the field unencumbered and climb into stand without forgetting one less piece of critical equipment. Reminds me of an old man I used to camp with, “if I had a crawdad for everything I forgot at home, I’d have Cajun fish fry every night.” I’m pretty sure he wasn’t Cajun, but I always went along with the saying.

Perhaps, I’ll try a three finger release in the future or a back pressure when I become Elite. For now, with my Tru-Fire Edge 4 Finger Release, I’m one very happy Outdoorsman in Suburbia.

Tru-Fire’s link to the Edge 4 Release: The Tru-Fireweb site is viewed similarly on mobile and desktop screens. The site is very functional with not a lot of fluff. Maybe some videos on pros using and adjusting the products would be beneficial.

After many hours of deliberation and a couple returns, credit goes to Bass Pro Shop for recommending this purchase:

Original packaging photo below. My personal opinion is…releases are a very difficult selection to make and each one fits a hand type differently and should not be packaged. The web site is a a huge fan of try before you buy especially when it comes to release selection.

Edge 4 Release

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