Hunter Education at Hillsdale Lake

On-going training is essential to the upkeep of skills, especially hunting and marksmanship. I’m pleased to share learning and maintaining these skills with my son who attended his first Hunter Education course at Hillsdale Lake. I attended this course with many of the same instructor two years ago and have inquired about many programs around the Kansas City Metro area and the Hillsdale program is far superior to all the others.

The first step to building a quality program is engaging drills that are relevant to all the participants. Hillsdale has nailed this concept by having participants walk a field with demonstration guns, follow a blood trail and hike a trail with multiple 3-D targets to decision clear shots. The diversity of the course was good considering the male dominated sport and further contributes to the success of the program. Out of the 23 participants 7 girls and women attended with only 3 adult males.

Interview with my son

What was the course challenging? Yes, because it gave me new ideas that I hadn’t come across before. One of the new ideas was to use brightly colored stakes while tracking game.

Where you surprised there was a live shoot? Sure, I’ve heard people talk about there courses at other places and how it was just sitting with books and questions.

Would you recommend this course to others?Yes, it’s interactive and anyone could do, you just have to put your mind to it and know you can finish it.

Here’s a link to all the internet assisted courses with my recommendation to attend the Hillsdale program.

Class is starting to assemble

Training Guns

Hillsdale Lake Hunter Education Training Facility

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