Constructing a Bowstring 101: Part 1

As part of the Boy Scout Archery Merit badge one of the requirements is to learn how to make a bowstring. After shooting for over 20 years and fletched many an arrow, this settled into my Archery soul as something I never contemplated doing. Obviously, I am past the prime for merit badge earning, focusing instead on merit badge counseling and bowstring making is a new skill for me to acquire. Today’s easy button of a trip to the local Archery store or even Bass Pro for almost any size and make of string waiting on the shelf, struck down any thought of the need to construct a bowstring in the past.

Like any good prepper worth his/her salt if we removed the “buy it from the store” factor I would likely have a useless bow within a few months of a life altering event. With double the pressure to succeed in bowstring making the plan to acquire the skill is unfolding.

My preference is to attack new skills with a multi prong approach. For the materials necessary and some basic idea of what bowstring making is, Google is the go-to resource. There’s no rhyme or reason to the order, just the order I viewed/found the sites. My next step is to call around the local Archery shops and finally conversations and mentoring from Boy Scout merit badge counselors will top off my learning before my first attempt at bowstring construction.

There is a strong chance the tools and materials will be won on Ebay!

Beginning Searches

How To


Bowstring Jigs

Future Posts

Part 2 jumps to the acquisition of tools and materials to build the string

Part 3 focuses on my efforts to construct a bowstring and will show my ultimate success or catastrophic DOOM!

Part 4 of this series is a summary of what I learn from my plan and a critical review of resources to decrease reader learning time and minimize your research time.

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